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 Guild Newbies - Probation advice.

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Guild Newbies - Probation advice. Empty
PostSubject: Guild Newbies - Probation advice.   Guild Newbies - Probation advice. EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 3:24 am

So you're interested in being a Thizzian? Well good for you! However, there are a few things you should realise when joining Thizz:

1) Firstly, upon acceptance you will be immediately under probation for a week. No, it's nothing bad; it's simply a trial period to see how you shape up, and whether you fit in. As with all games, people come and go and a trial period not only allows us to see if you're going to be sticking around and your game style, but also for you to see if we're the kind of people you want to hang out with. Follow the next points to ensure your probation goes smoothly!

2) Thizz isn't just a guild of people who pop in now and then and never communicate; we take pride in the fact that we are a close-knit 'family', who look out for each other and spend our game time not only playing for ourselves but for our guild members too. We have one of the most active chats, and some of the strongest members on the server and we'd like it to stay that way! Of course, as with any family there are spats, so you need to also be willing to take the rough with the smooth Wink

3) We like active people; they liven up our guild chat, fuel the rankings and make the game interesting. We do understand that not everyone is a happy chatter but it's the effort that counts. Even if you're not talkative, popping into chat now and again to say hello and participate in conversation, or offering your help to a guild mate is appreciated. Don't expect to be completely socially inactive, and then tell people to help you when you're being attacked or in need of res/ses, because you won't get much of a reaction. The guild requires everyone's co-operation to work, selfishness does not fit into that balance.

4) Some of us (read: most of us) are outrageous flirts. If you don't like it, leave now!

5) Read the guild rules and understand and respect them.

6) Show improvement where you can. Even if you're not a particularly 'war-like' person, you can still be building up your cities and raiding wilds to gain promotions. As long as you're doing something and aiding the guild, we're happy.

7) We don't accept bullying of any kind - that goes for guildies and non guildies alike. If you make yourself look a fool in world chat then you make the guild look bad too, and that won't tolerated.

8 ) 7 Days inactive gets an immediate boot, unless otherwise arranged with officers. There is an absence thread in this forum for such occasions - USE IT!

9) Respect our allies...don't try causing trouble to start wars because you WILL be found out and punished - by both sides.

10) Above all, have fun! Thizz has a habit of being an addictive guild - many people comment that once with us, they find they log in as much (if not more) for the chat and the laughs than to actually play the game. That's what makes the game, and us, stronger!

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Guild Newbies - Probation advice.
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